April 19, TORONTO – Hino Canada unveiled the pre-production prototype model of the Hino XL Series offering at the TruckWorld show in Toronto today. The new series represents 10 years of planning, and it marks Hino’s first production model in Canada’s Class 8 market.

Dozens of people gathered in the Hino booth to watch the highly anticipated unveiling. The impressive truck did not disappoint.

“We’ve spent over half a million engineering hours designing the XL Series,” said Eric Smith, Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Support of Hino Canada. “As we do with all Hino trucks we like to build them from the ground up. The XL Series is going to be standard with Dana axles and drivelines, Hendrickson suspensions, Wabco braking systems. The engine is Hino’s own A09 nine-litre with horsepower ranging from 300 to 360 horsepower, and torque ranging from 900 to 1,150 foot pounds.

“The A09 has been in production for a little over 10 years now with more than 50,000 worldwide sales. When looking at the Hino XL series for the first time you will notice a bolder stronger exterior design with a larger Hino emblem, our signature styled grille, and overall quality improvement and fit and finish and a unified hood and bumper design with sharp clean lines.

“Visually you will be drawn to the focal point signature LED headlights. For the interior our design concept was to create a trustworthy and inspiring work space with larger seating area and improved leg room. The automotive grade interior is ergonomically optimized for safe operations highlighted by the driver’s command center and steering wheel controls.

“Never has there been more available safety features on a Hino truck than the Hino XL Series. Wabco’s Onguard active collision mitigation system is available as is Wabco’s electronic stability control system. Overall we could not be more excited about the opportunity Hino’s XL Series will bring.”

Smith then invited Hino Canada President Ms. Yumiko Kawamura to the podium for remarks.

“Thank you for being with us for this milestone event in Hino’s history,” exclaimed Kawamura. “Our customer base continues to grow. The biggest request we receive from our customers is when will you have more products here in Canada.

“Today’s reveal of this Hino XL series is the result of a half million engineering hours, millions of durability kilometres, and some of our blood, sweat, and tears. In 2017 we completed an expansion to our Woodstock assembly facility to improve production efficiencies and prepare for the new XL Series. We will be assembling the new XL Series in Woodstock, Ontario, alongside our current cabover and medium duty product line. We truly strongly believe in our built for Canadians by Canadians philosophy.

“As part of this investment over the next several years we will provide our dealers and customers with a whole new line-up of Hino trucks. Never has there been a more exciting time to be part of the Hino family. We continue to be the fastest growing truck OEM in Canada.”

Production of the Hino XL Series will begin in fall of 2018 in Woodstock with the first units expected to be available in early 2019. Included in the unveiling ceremony was an announcement that demo models would be brought into Canada for dealers to show prospective customers.

To enquire about a demonstration of the Hino XL Series, please call Adam Ross at Hino of Hamilton at 905-627-4686, or email adamross@grisdale.com. The TruckWorld show is on at the International Centre in Toronto until Saturday, April 21st. Feel free to stop by.