Hino of Hamilton: Spare Parts & Accessories

Canadian-based People & Resources

Unsure about what genuine Hino products are available for your truck? Call, email, or visit  Warren or Gord, and they’ll be happy to assist you. Our number is 905-627-4686. You can reach Gord by email at gord@grisdale.com.

When you buy or lease a Hino truck, you’re not only investing in one of the world’s most efficient and reliable vehicles, you’re also getting a vast array of Canadian-based resources and the people to back it up.

Hino Genuine Parts

Hino Genuine Parts have been designed and tested to meet exacting quality control standards and provide the best value and performance for your Hino truck.

North American Parts Content and Serviceability

Hino trucks utilize a combination of Japanese and North American components selected to maximize reliability, serviceability and reduce operating expenses.

Want Accessories for Your Hino Truck?

Download the official Hino Spare Parts & Accessories catalogue to start making your Hino truck your own.

Hino Parts Catalogue